2009s tyve bedste albums


Som det har været tilfældet de seneste år, så har skribenterne på diskant.dk endnu engang kigget tilbage på året, der er gået og nomineret, voteret og kåret årets tyve bedste albums. Resultatet følger herunder – og endnu længere nede har flere af skribenterne på diskant.dk givet deres helt personlige bud på årets ti bedste albums.

Årets 20 bedste albums:

1. Muse: “The Resistance”
2. Kent: “Röd”
3. Porcupine Tree: “The Incident”
4. Katatonia: “Night is the New Day”
5. White Lies: “To Lose My Life”
6. Nephew: “DanmarkDenmark”
7. Placebo: “Battle For The Sun”
8. ISIS: ”Wavering Radiant”
9. Mastodon: “Crack the Skye”
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: ”It’s Blitz!”
11. Depeche Mode: “Sounds of the Universe”
12. Bat for Lashes: “Two Suns”
13. Great Lake Swimmers: “Lost Channels”
14. Arctic Monkeys: “Humbug”
15. Julian Plenti: “Julian Plenti… Is Skyscraber”
16. Fever Ray: “Fever Ray”
17. Animal Collective: “Merriweather Post Pavillion”
18. Pearl Jam: ”Backspacer”
19. Grizzly Bear: “Veckatimest”
20. Mew: “No More Stories…”

Her følger nogle af skribenternes individuelle lister:

Bell Bruun
1. Indukti: “Idmen”
2. Alice in Chains: “Black gives way to Blue”
3. Amorphis: “Skyforger”
4. My Dying Bride: “For Lies I Sire”
5. Katatonia: “Night is the New Day”
6. Lamb of God: “Wrath”
7. ISIS: “Wavering Radiant”
8. The Psyke Project: ” Dead Storm”
9. AIR: “Love 2”
10. Immortal: “All Shall Fall”

Carina Borg
1. Grizzly Bear: “Veckatimest”
2. Dirty Projectors: “Bitte Orca”
3. PJ Harvey & John Parish: “A Woman a Man Walked By”
4. Animal Collective: “Merriweather Post Pavillion”
5. Phoenix: “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”
6. Monsters of Folk: “Monsters of Folk”
7. The Flaming Lips: “Embryonic”
8. St. Vincent “Actor”
9. The XX: “XX”
10. Yo La Tengo: “Popular Songs”

Carsten Fjølner
1. Animal Collective: “Merriweather Post Pavillion”
2. Richmond Fontaine: ”We Used To Think…”
3. Iron & Wine: “Around The Well”
4. Drive-By Truckers: “Fine Print: A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008”
5. Jason Lytle: “Yours Truly, The Commuter”
6. Mouritz/Hørslev Projektet: “Blik Bang Bang”
7. Bat for Lashes: “Two Suns”
8. Patrick Wolf: “The Bachelor”
9. Great Lake Swimmers: “Lost Channels”
10. M. Ward: “Hold Time”

Lars Asmussen
1. Muse: ”The Resistance”
2. Pearl Jam: ”Backspacer”
3. Mew: ”No More Stories Are Told Today…”
4. Isis: Wavering Radiant
5. Bill Callahan: ”Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle”
6. Rammstein – Liebe is für Alle Da
7. I Got You on Tape: ”Spinning for the Cause”
8. J. Tillman: ”Year in the Kingdom”
9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: ”It’s Blitz”
10. Franz Ferdinand: ”Tonight”

Morten Wamsler
1. The Veils: “Sun Gangs”
2. Muse: “The Resistance”
3. Great Lake Swimmers: “Lost Channels”
4. Camera Obscura: “My Maudling Career”
5. White Lies: “To Lose My Life”
6. M. Ward: “Hold Time”
7. Thåström: “Kärlek är for dom…”
8. Arctic Monkeys: Humbug”
9. Mouritz/Hørslev Projektet: “Blik Bang Bang”
10. Placebo: “Battle for the Sun”

Pernille Yding
1. Placebo: “Battle For The Sun”
2. Selvmord: “Selvmord”
3. White Lies: “To Loose My Life”
4. Julian Plenti: “Julian Plenti… Is Skyscraber”
5. The Big Pink: “A Brief History Of Love”
6. Turboweekend: “Ghost Of A Chance”
7. Holbek: “Frit løb”
8. Tina Dickow: “The Road To Gävle”
9. Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown
10. The Raveonettes: “In And Out Of Control”

Simon Lei Fredslund
1. White Lies: “To Lose My Life”
2. Kent: “Röd”
3. Nephew: “DanmarkDenmark”
4. Julian Plenti: “Julian Plenti… Is Skyscraber”
5. Placebo: “Battle For The Sun”
6. Editors: In This Light And On This Evening
7. Troels Abrahamsen: “WHT”
8. Pearl Jam: ”Backspacer”
9. Depeche Mode: “Sounds of the Universe”
10. Mikael Simpson: “Slaar Skaar”

Thomas Steen Jensen
1. Fever Ray: “Fever Ray”
2. Mastodon: “Crack The Skye”
3. Elbow: “The Seldom Seen Kid”
4. Kellermensch: “Kellermensch”
5. Mono: “Hymn To The Immortal Wind”
6. Abandon: “The Dead End”
7. Russian Circles: “Geneva”
8. Alberta Cross: “The Broken Side Of Time”
9. The Twilight Sad: “Forget The Night Ahead”
10. Katatonia: “Night Is The New Day”

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